Sunday, October 24, 2010

Women's Rights National Historical Park

Seneca Falls is the home of one of the country's only National Parks dedicated to a movement. I have to say that visiting the park's museum totally inspired me. Rights for women! Go ERA! Equal pay! Etc!

The park has a museum, the Weselyan Chapel and two historic houses that major leaders in the women's rights movement. The chapel is the site of the first women's rights convention. The houses belong to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Mary Ann M'Clintock. Without this convention and these people, I would not be doing what I am doing today. Elizabeth Cady Stanton believed that women could do whatever they wanted. That was pretty intense stuff in the 1840's. For some people that is still pretty crazy.

The museum is very well done, with sections on politics, fashion, education, and work. It makes a valiant effort bring all of this into the modern era and related to women's status today. It would do a much better job if it were still 1980. As it is, the funny haircuts tend to undermine the very serious subject...

It is a little sad that women have basically made no strides since the 1980's exhibit was put together.

Girls are still not represented in the math and sciences.

That's me... archaeologist was not an option (Park Ranger though, really?!).

You boys were wrong. We can do!

Anyway, I think the park is a must visit for everyone of any gender. It is nice to be reminded occasionally of how I got here, a woman working in a male dominated field.

At least we don't wear corsets any more. Thanks, E. Stanton, S. B. Anthony and their cronies!


  1. That is sad that not much has changed for women since the 80's.
    Did they relocate the houses and chapel there or did they all start out in the same place?

    Looks like an interesting park!

  2. They are all in the same place still. The town sort of grew around the sites where the convention was held. It was an interesting park, you should go... it is on a canal, you could sail. Can you sail on canals?