Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunny Pretzel Sunday

I was fully intending to write a post today about all of the wonderful stuff we have made with our guanciale. I will still write that post, but as Derek and I sat down to lunch the internet went out. This unleashed a fortuitous chain of events. Because the internet was gone we could not watch Futurama on Netflix Instant Watch (we are working our way through the seasons). Derek suggested that instead we watch some old episodes of Alton Brown's Good Eats he has on DVD. He queued up the pretzel episode and we sat down with our lunch.

Approximately a half an hour later I had to make pretzels. Derek revealed that he already wanted to make pretzels and this was all part of an underhanded manipulation of my taste buds. He did not take out the internet (which was out throughout Carrboro and Chapel Hill), but everything else was planned. Somehow I did not mind.

I am not going to retype Alton Brown's recipe because you can get it here. The recipe is perfect. They were incredibly easy and about three hours later we poured ourselves beers and sat on the back porch with some spicy mustard for dipping our warm fresh pretzels.

In case you are curious the beer pictured is De Koninck a Belgian amber ale and my current favorite beer.

Now I know I do not need to go to Bavaria for my pretzel fix. Cheers to an excellent Sunday afternoon!

Teaser: We ordered a meat grinder, homemade sausage here we come!

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