Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Portland, OR and Home

I grew up in Oregon, in a suburb right outside of Portland. This was a time when Portland was not the cool urban mecca for lefties, hipsters, foodies, and you know "those people." I was a pretty normal suburban kid, I loved food even then as a kid. Portland had good food, but it was hardly the movement food is today. The shiny condos of downtown were just a gleam in some developers eye. The area known as "The Pearl" was a scary warehouse neighborhood where you had to be careful not to get your bike tires caught in defunct railroad tracks. You get the idea.

The Pearl district today.

When I was old enough, I used to take the train into the big city with my friends and go on elaborate eating tours. We were poor, so we avoided the fancy places. We knew where to get the best pizza, cookies, and chocolate. After eating, we would go to foreign and art house movies and feel smart (this is how pretentious a teenager can be). We preferred french movies with nudity or American movies that did not make any sense. If you can't follow the plot the movie is really really smart.
View of Portland from my parents shiny condo.

Now I go home to visit my parents and they have moved into one of those gleaming condos, food carts have taken over the city. Everything is local, everyone eats organic, and Portland is a haven for hipsters. I am not sure I make sense, but the city has changed, I promise. Change is not always bad. My parents love their condo. I love the new Portland food scene. Eating local and pesticide free is good for the planet.

Anyway, here are some pictures Portland and stuff. Hi Mom, Dad, and Jeff, it was fun to see you!
Jeff walking to meet us at the light rail.

The Historic (and present) Reservoir

Mossy Stairs.

Family out hiking on some more crazy stairs.

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