Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scrappy Miniature Quilt

I made another quilt (I know I am obsessed). 

This time I was inspired by the wonderful blogger here who started talking using scraps to make more beautiful things. I liked the idea of using small bits of things you already have from other projects

This is a very scrappy little quilt, even the whites were resurrected from some other project.

It measures 22x22 inches. If you are a quilter (and care) it is just a simple half square triangle star with some sashing around it. I do love a good star. I decided to get creative in my quilting, because this is only the third quilt I have every quilted and I wanted to try something crazy, well crazy for me.

It is simple and small, but it makes me happy! I think tomorrow it is going to move to my office wall.

Third Quilt!

Scrap Attack Quilt-Along


  1. That is really nice, I really like the color scheme.

  2. I'm a quilter and I care =). Pretty star!