Sunday, April 11, 2010

Captain Jack's Seafood Shack

Tonight in Byron, GA I was looking for a restaurant for my dinner. Fortunately, I thought to ask the lady at the front desk of my hotel and she told me that her favorite was Captain Jack's Seafood Shack so I thought I would give it a shot. I considered this rather courageous considering that that I was in CENTRAL Georgia, not coastal Georgia. I was not disappointed. The food was not bad, probably the best I could get at that particular freeway exit (which is all Bryon really had to offer). I had blackened shrimp, as they were recommended by the waiter. Because I am in the south they came with hush puppies and french fries (all for about $8). The hushpuppies were a little cakey for my taste, but the shrimp were delicious and it was such a good deal. They also did not even make a big deal over the fact that I was by myself. Dining by myself is actually something I enjoy. I do not enjoy people asking me if I am waiting for someone or if it will be "just you".

I am in Byron, GA to do a GPR survey on a completely unmarked cemetery. This is pretty interesting stuff. This cemetery is going to be moved because a new highway is being constructed. Moving this cemetery is the best option (read, least destructive). It was an interesting survey, well, it was hot, sunny, sweaty, and I almost stepped on a giant snake. Archaeology is so glamourous.

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