Sunday, March 28, 2010


My job seems like crazy traveling all of the time (the address is "archaeologist on the road"). I do spend a lot of time all around the southeast, but then I go home to North Carolina and I get to write reports and work in the office. I process data, write reports, make maps, etc. This time starts out really nice, because I really do miss my boy and my cat. Then get kind of antsy. I like traveling, I enjoy not sitting at a desk all day, every day. This is where I am now. I can not WAIT for my next trip!

Boy and Max (Cat)!
Max and Mead!

I will take this time on my lovely Sunday to show you some more cool GPR images. Because I can not necessarily disclose information from my recent clients, I will show some images from some older surveys. The results from the data that I collect these days still looks basically the same.

Underneath the plaza at the Bluff Great House, UT

A historic site in PA.

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