Thursday, March 18, 2010

On "the beach", South Carolina

I am in South Carolina right now for work. Current location, Litchfield, which is not too far south of Myrtle Beach (I think). We had an extraordinarily difficult time finding this hotel, we were planning on staying in Georgetown, SC. Then it turns out the local paper mill is closed this week and a ton of contractors are in town. All of the hotels were full. Even the nasty places with sketchy parking lots.

We continued to drive north and after stopping to check at a few places (what happened to no vacancy signs?), we ended up at Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort. This places has many good qualities: 1. A free huge breakfast buffet 2. Good price. But.... Begin rant. I tried to go see the "sea" today, thinking it would be a short walk from the hotel we were staying at. It seemed logical, they were offering "sea" rooms. I should have known, however, when I passed a shuttle stop. Then I passed some signs to places like blank bay and blank cove. Stupidly, I assumed these were geographic formation. Rather than condo development, which is what they were. After a 20 to 30 minute walk past several pools, tennis courts, at least three man made lakes, and a real marsh, I arrived at the beach. It was nearly dark, so I had only a few minutes to enjoy the ocean.

Then someone's dog ran over to me and proceeded to jump up on me, claw me, and lick me. This is all right after I walked by a sign requiring dogs to be on a leash. The owners did nothing. They just laughed and tried to call the dog back. NOT OKAY! I may piss off dog owners everywhere by saying this, but I do not like dogs. I especially do not like YOUR dog. I do not like it licking me, I do not like it jumping on me, it is not funny, and it is not cute. If your dog is going to run to any random person on the beach, it should be on a leash!

Sorry for rant, but it feels good to get it out into the internet.

In other news, we had a really great dinner at a place called Quigley's Pint and Plate. It was happy hour, so we got fried pickles and beer for under $5 (before tax). Then, I had some delicious blackened tuna for dinner. All for under $20. Nothing too memorable, but recommended if you happen to be in Litchfield...

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