Monday, March 8, 2010

Swainsboro, GA, addendum

So, I was less than generous about Swainsboro, GA in my last post. While they do deserve some unkind words for their lack of restaurants on Sunday night, the town has since redeemed itself slightly in my eyes. Today, Monday, the clients I was working for took me to lunch at the Campbell House Bed and Breakfast. The lunch was a true southern buffet. It included many salads, pineapple dressing, fried chicken, smothered chicken, turkey, potatoes, rolls, and other stuff I was unable to identify (it all tasted good). My companions were eager to educate me about southern food, as I can easily be identified as not from Georgia (or the south). This is an education I happily accepted. This fried chicken was amazing. It had a very light breading and tasted almost delicate, but still crispy. I totally recommend this place. Plus the ambiance is pretty awesome. We ate lunch on the porch under a pressed tin ceiling looking out on the blooming daffodils in the yard.

The project was pretty interesting too. I was mapping the historic African American cemetery associated with a very old family cemetery. Essentially, I was looking for the graves of the families slaves and black servants. The cemetery is very well maintained, but there is one section with no grave markers remaining, so that is where we surveyed. It was also 70 degrees and very springy. The clients were extremely sweet and helpful. This is why I love my job.

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