Monday, March 21, 2011

Making Me Happy (or why the world is not such a bad place)

This week (well during the past couple of weeks) there have been and are lot of really sad things happening around the world. There are actually some really sad things happening in my friends and family members lives. So I wanted to talk about some things that are making me happy. Staying on the bright side and stuff...

1. My kitten Max makes me happy. He is fuzzy and when I look into his eyes I want to pick him up an bury my face into his soft belly. Then I do this and he scratches my face. The gnome in this picture is named Darwin and he makes me happy too.

2. My new bike is beautiful. My old one was stolen a couple of months ago and I finally replaced it with a beautiful new (fast) bicycle.

3. My wonderful husband always makes me happy. He is taking his comprehensive exams this week and he is doing such a great job. Every time I look at him I smile and think about how lucky I am.

4. My friend Julie is awesome. I miss her when I am in South Carolina.

4. Chocolate.

5. Spring makes me incredibly happy. Our bulbs are blooming and we planted herbs and other flowers. Plus our lawn weeds are already blooming. I actually sat on the balcony this weekend with the cat. Vitamin D is joy inducing.

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  1. Strawberry lemon preserves sound yummy!