Sunday, March 13, 2011

My House

I am still in South Carolina and, to be honest, it is quite dull. I have nothing work related to blog about. I have not been cooking much during the week, Cambden does not have any good restaurants to try, and during the weekends I am really too busy cuddling with the husband and cat to do any major projects.

Last weekend we did some spring cleaning and I decided the house was finally clean enough to photograph. I wanted to share some kitchen/living room photos here, because I am super proud of how we took a sort of crappy kitchen space and turned it into exactly what we wanted for very little money.

I should start by saying our house is kind of... different. It was built in the 1950's and is approximately 900 square feet. We think it was built to house mill workers. It has three tiny bedrooms and is made out of cinder blocks. It has tons of character, with original (read scratched and beat up) hardwood floors and built in book shelves. At some point, it was remodeled and the the wall connecting the kitchen and living room was knocked out. It almost seems like they ran out of money at this point because almost no cabinets were installed in the kitchen. There is a sink with storage underneath it, to the right of the sink we have one drawer and one cabinet. Above the sink there is one cabinet and above the stove there are some shelves.

The kitchen room is actually pretty large. We bought a large (pretty inexpensive) stainless steel prep table at a restaurant supply store. We hung up a magnetic knife rack and got a bookshelf to use as a china cabinet.

The lack of storage space has forced us to be creative. It can be a bit annoying to have everything exposed. When we make bread, everything gets covered in flour. Plus, we have to be organized and can't just shove stuff in cabinets, otherwise it will be ugly.

We have such pretty stuff though so it does not matter. To the right is Darwin, our garden gnome.

Now our kitchen is awesome. It is sunny and comfortable and it makes me smile.

Condom collection, kitchen is not g-rated...

Jesus kitsch.

Knife rack and some of the world leader place collection (Mao and Nixon belong together, clearly).

Rock collection.
Recipe stand (awesome cookbook by the way).

Did I mention I love this house?
Living room with our enormous TV. We did not realize that it would be this large when we ordered it.
My precious bicycle.

Giant Shepard Fairey Obama poster. When we first put this poster up the cat was so afraid of it he would not walk down the hall. To this, one of my coworkers said, "it figures that a cat would be Republican." He was right.

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  1. As Joe Wilson of the Great State of South Carolina said, "you lie!" You actually did do a cooking project this past weekend. It just has the potential to be more stomach-turning than the bacon...