Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gute Reise Derek!

My love left today. He is off to Germany to make research happen for his dissertation. I love him very dearly and saying goodbye today was terribly hard.

It is never easy to say goodbye. It is definitely not easy to say goodbye until Christmas. I cannot even think about the rest of the year. Thank goodness for Skype.

We have been having/attending many celebrations and events over the past couple of weeks. We wanted to do one last pork shoulder, one last time at our favorite restaurant, one last trip to the taco trucks, you know how it goes.

One last trip to Fullsteam.

Speaking of this, I am going to do a post about Derek's last United States dinner soon. Fennel pizza deserves its own post.

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Then, I took Derek to the airport and when I got home it was so quiet. Too quiet.

One last smoked pork shoulder.

I am going to miss that boy.

I am not a wallower though and I intend to keep myself busy for the next three (really ten) months.

I am a list maker and I am going to make a list of the exciting new things I want to try in the next year (307 days, but who is counting?) and get out of my comfort zone a little. Not that I need Derek away to step out of my box, but I need goals so I do not think too much about Derek being gone. I am thinking a I will make a list of 30 goals, get it 300 days?

In order to really get out of my comfort zone, I want help making this list. If I have any readers (Mom?), would you help me come up with suggestions for my year? If they are feasible, I promise to do it and document my efforts here.

Here is what I have so far:

1. Make pancetta.

2. Go backpacking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

3. Make a quilt.

4. Try a 4 new restaurants outside Chapel Hill (I have no idea where the number 4 came from).

5. Take a cooking class.

6. Go to a concert in town.

7. Go on a picnic.

8. Make a friendship bracelet.

9. Go trail running.

10. ?

Okay, I have nine so far. Help me out friends! I will think on this a bit and hopefully come up with 21 more... with your help? Please?


  1. Awww, I bet you two will miss each other! At least being apart is somewhat familiar by now.
    Great list : ) Want to add a jam exchange with your west coast friend to that?

  2. I can help you with the concert fo' sure. You know how I know like 900 people in bands around here. And I have an idea you might like. Make your own piece of art! My friend is hosting a workshop in Durham next month where you take an image and transfer it to a piece of canvas, that you get to take home. I have a feeling you can find a photograph that you'd like to do that with. :)

    And I can suggest restaurants like whoa.

    Here are a few other thoughts:

    Play poker! (I know people)
    Teach Cheryl how to make pork shoulder ;)
    Learn how to change the oil in your car (bet your neighbor could teach you)
    Teach Max how to be polite to guests :)
    Go to the Scrap Exchange in Durham and maybe find materials for that quilt you want to make.

    Rest assured you won't go bored for the next 3 months. I can come up with oodles of ideas.

  3. Sarah, how about a trip to the Rocky Mountains? The aspens should be in full color in a few weeks. The rollout bed is awaiting...

  4. How about a weekend at Rehoboth Beach/Dogfish Head??? If you feel the need to get away - come see us! Just sent Derek a note and said we wished we'd all had time to get together at the beach before he left. :(

  5. I like the list Best of luck