Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is the post where I talk about what I am thankful for

I was driving home from work today mentally preparing for my long weekend and, as I was decompressing from a stressful day of work, I started realizing that I am really happy. I am not saying I do not have bad days.

I am human.

Unlike him, and I am pretty sure even he has bad days.

Generally, I have a lot to be thankful for. Every once and a while it is nice to think about these things. Also, everyone else on the internet is thankful for things right now and I am a trend follower. I hear it is a national holiday or something.

In no particular order:

1. My Parents. They raised me right. I am lucky to have grown up in a stable house with two parents who love each other (I am not saying alternate ways of growing up are not valid and perfectly wonderful, this is just my life). They taught me, by example, what it means to live a good life. I knew what would make a good husband by looking at my Dad. Everyday, they were there for me. My parents were my drivers, coaches, and cheerleaders. They pushed me to succeed and were there to catch me when I failed. My parents were happy when I got my first B in high school, because they thought it would help me relax and enjoy school a little bit more. What great parents, what great people.

2. My Wonderful Husband. I love him crazy tons. He is my best friend. I know everyone says this about their significant other and it is probably why we all chose them as our partners... I can tell him everything. My life is better when he smiles. When I am sad, he works tirelessly to make my happy. Derek is gone this year and it has been one of the hardest of my (admittedly very cushy) life.

3. Roommate. I met Josephine as the result of a Craigslist search and she has made my life immeasurably better. I cannot imagine a better person to share my house this year while Derek is off doing research. She makes me laugh everyday. Today she left me a slice of chocolate cake. What a girl. I do not think either of us were looking for a friend this past August, but I think I found one.

4. Friends. I am so lucky to have my friends. I do not have family in North Carolina, but my friends have become my family. Last night John, Julie and I went to a local restaurant, sat outside, and listened to live Bluegrass. It occurred to me that there is no place else I would have rather been. How many times can you say that everyday, every week even? It was an evening that will be frozen in my memory for its beauty and camaraderie. I am never ever lonely. Tonight my friend Lindsay and I had a wonderful couple of beers at a local bar. On Sunday, Jenny and I took a cheese making class (more on that later).

What is Julie doing here? All I know is that John is laughing.

5. Job and Coworkers. I am so lucky to have a job that challenges me everyday. I am learning so much. There are things I easily do today that I did not know how to do last month. My confidence is also growing. I am so much more independent and self reliant than I was just a year ago. The people I work with make my job a daily joy. They make me laugh, cringe, and squeak in mock outrage. You name it (except it will be real outrage if you put balls on that truck, you know who you are).

6. Food and Farmers. I was making dinner tonight and it occurred to me that when I see my food I do not just see ingredients, I see farmers. This sounds so corny, but I can honestly tell you that only three ingredients in my dinner came from greater than 50 miles away (chile powder from New Mexico, salt from the ocean somewhere, and parmesan cheese from Italy). For the record, I had roasted potatoes with sautéed cauliflower, topped with homemade paneer (with local milk), and home cured bacon (local pork). I am so grateful for the people who get up everyday and milk the cows, graze the animals, and tend the fields. You are heroes to me. Your food nourishes me and makes cooking dinner something to look forward to everyday.

Who is that shopping? She looks good.

7. Kitten. He greets me at the door everyday when I get home from work. He is my little spoon at night time. He is my constant, my lovable fuzz.

He really sleeps like this.

8. Anyone Who is Reading This. Thanks for reading my random thoughts. Writing them is fun, having someone else to read them makes me feel really special. You are my friend (even if we have never met). 

9. The Universe, the World, my Backyard. I know this sounds awfully corny, but I am so thankful to live on our beautiful, perfectly flawed earth. I believe this is a pretty big miracle because of all of the millennium of evolution and all of the happy accidents that created the environment in which I am happy and thankful in right now.

Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving! I wish you all gluttony, good friends and family, and good day!


  1. This blog is intended to be an informal forum in which I discuss my lifestyle, travels, and very general musings about archaeology. I intentionally do not discuss specific projects, sites, or clients. This is to protect the sites from looting, the clients from unwanted publicity, and because the information is often not "mine" to share.

    My tone is informal and conversational, which suits my topic and my approach. I apologize for any unintended offense I may have caused, but I am going to have to ask you to find another archaeology blog to pick apart on an academic level. Thank you.