Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beaufort and Blackstone's Cafe

For the past week, I have been in Beaufort, SC. The home of Parris Island and a U.S. Marine Corps Air Base. We have been doing condition assessments at some cemeteries. These cemeteries are in absolutely beautiful locations, surrounded by marshes and giant live oaks. However, the cemeteries themselves seem very forgotten. They are covered with overgrown vegetation. Headstones are broken and most burials are unmarked. Many can only be identified as graves because of the giant depressions left when the coffins collapsed. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem in older cemeteries. I think the work we are doing is the first step in bringing attention to these locations.

Here is a collapsed grave (it is hard to see the 1 foot deep indentation in the photo)

This town is pretty and historic, and has some awesome food. I will start with our favorite spot so far.

Yesterday, on our day off, we went to Blackstone's Cafe in downtown Beaufort for brunch. Now, I can not take credit for stumbling upon this restaurant. I actually first read about it on the Stern's great website They were right to recommend this place. I had the corned beef and hash and it was the best $8.50 I have spent in a long time. The waitress told us they make it all from scratch and it tasted that way. The texture was perfect and the flavor was a great combination of salty and beefy. They serve it with two eggs over it, which is really ideal because my slightly runny eggs made a sort of sauce for the hash. I can not claim great experience with corned beef hash, as this was my first time trying it, but I can tell this was delicious. Should you go to this locale, do not miss the homemade biscuits, delicious coffee, and wonderfully crunchy hash browns. This place made my Saturday morning. I am planning on going back before I leave town.

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