Monday, February 22, 2010

First (again...)

It has been suggested to me that I share my food and life philosophy. I am not really sure anyone is reading this blog. But, I will start by explaining where I come from.

I think I have made it clear that I travel a lot. When I am on the road for work I get some small amount of cash called "per diem". This money is supposed to be for food. Some people eat TV dinners and peanut butter and jelly. Then they take the cash home. I am completely unable to do this because I love food and the cooking options provided by a mini refrigerator and microwave are limited. Therefore, I go out nearly every night, sometimes for lunch too. I also really do not like national fast food chains. Because I want to save as much money as possible, I am on a budget. My choices usually do not include white table cloths.

I choose restaurants based on cool signs, local recommendations, and online reviews. Sometimes I drive by to see how full the parking lot is. This is not always a great indicator as the Golden Corral parking lot is seemingly always busy (why there is a critical mass of people at the Golden Corral in Beaufort, SC at 4:30 pm is still a mystery to me). This method of dining selection produces some hits, a lot of misses, and a lot of mediocrity. I hope to share some of my finds here.

When I am home, I love to cook. I am always experimenting with food, recipes, and ingredients. Sometimes I even try to recreate things I have had on the road. I love cheese, summer tomatoes (from the farmers market), fish (and shellfish), spicy, pasta, chocolate, and many more things that I can not think of at this moment...

Also, I love sewing. I am a big fan of customizing my stuff to be exactly how I want it for work and life. I love making presents for friends and family and inventing new things. I am not really good yet, but I am persistent. I use a mix of pre-made patterns and my own designs.

Okay, that is probably enough background for one night. It is dinner time. I am still in Beaufort and it is time to eat.

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