Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Cannon Ball Landed Here

During our Delaware Beach vacation we all rode our bikes to the town of Lewes. This was mostly just a cute town now, but it has a sort of awesome history.

The town was the first in the state of Delaware dating to 1631. It was settled by the Dutch, although they did not make it long. Now there is a replica of a Dutch town hall in Lewes, but it was built in 1931.

That is not what I found particularly amusing about Lewes. There is one house near the harbor with a cannon ball in its foundation. Not near its foundation, no this cannon ball is embedded in the foundation. This cannon ball is from the War of 1812.

It sort of blows my mind that after the War of 1812, then the Civil War, industrial revolution, Vietnam, and everything else that this cannon ball has been commemorated so faithfully. It has been cemented into place so it will forever mark the place where the house was struck by the damn Brits. Thank you Lewes. I really appreciate these quirky American historical sites. I know they are everywhere, but they never get old.

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