Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carolina Tiger Rescue

While my friend was visiting this weekend we decided to go to the Carolina Tiger Rescue for a tour. This is a pretty interesting place. It is basically a cat shelter for big cats. Apparently, sort of dumb people get tigers or other large cats as pets. I think they think said cats will curl up and sleep at the foot of their bed. This does not happen, they are wild animals and sort of violent (see this story about a crazy tiger owner).

Anyway for $12 we got a tour around the grounds and got to meet the cats. It was pretty awesome.

The Caracol can jump 10 feet (or something like that). They attack and kill animals bigger than them, they tend to go for the face. Great pet!

There were lots of tigers, they were the most common animal. They feed the tigers one whole chicken a day, bones and all. We got to watch it chew the chicken and the bones sounded incredibly creepy.

Hot Tiger
It was warm in the afternoon and tigers like water, unlike my kitten.

The kinkajou is not actually a cat, note prehensile tail. This guy likes bananas, which is why he is visiting.
The Serval eats rats. That is all I remember.

This ocelot loves Calvin Klein perfume and it smelled like cat pee. Ocelots live in the rain forest and they love climbing.

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